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January 2024

Iwona receives research funding from AG-Fonden for the 3rd year in a row

January 2024

The lab welcomes Geng and Michelle - two new master thesis students

September 2023

The lab welcomes Ana - a new master thesis student

August 2023

The lab welcomes our new postdoc Evgeniia who joins us from Russia

June 2023

The Labmin paper (also called Loss of Lamin A leads to the nuclear translocation of AGO2 and compromised RNA interference) is out on BioRxiv - its the very first research paper from the lab. A lab milestone!!!

January 2023

The lab welcomes Reyhaneh - a new master thesis student

January 2023

Congrats to Carola for receiving project funding from the Lars Hiertas Minnne Foundation 

December 2022

Congrats to Vivian for receiving project funding from the Tore Nilsson Foundation 

October 2022

Congrats to Iwona for receiving continued research support from the AG-Foundation 

June 2022

We have received 500 hours of bioinformatic support from the SciLifeLabs Bioinformatics Long term support (WABI) - this is invaluable to our research 

June 2022

The lab received the large grant from AG-Foundation. This grant is given annually to a pre-clinical and clinical fellow.

June 2022

We thank Emil and Vera Cornell foundation for continued support of our research.

June 2022

Thank you Ulrika for these two fantastic years managing the lab and making beautiful T6B peptide preps - you will be missed.

April 2022

Erasmus student Melis Kanik joins the lab - welcome :)

March 2022

WCMTM annual conference - first in person conference with the lab

January 2021

We ring in the new year by welcoming the lab's second PhD student. Welcome to the lab Hang

December 2021

Congrats to Iwona for receiving research funding from AG-Foundation.

August 2021

Hsiang-Chi Huang from Taiwan joins the lab as postdoc :) 

July 2021

A big welcome to Erasmus student Esther Güse. Esther was awarded Adlerbertska Scholarship, Erasmus+ and iMORE (International Molecular Medicine Research Experience) scholarship for her say in the lab. 

June 2021

A big congrats to Iwona for receiving project funding from Wilhelm and Martina Lundgrens foundations!!!

May 2021

Thanks for continued lab funding from Emil and Vera Cornell Foundation

April 2021

The lab officially joins the WCMTM :=) Very excited about the next 4 yrs.

March 2021

A big welcome to Axel Niklasson who will spend a few months working on his thesis project

February 2021

Aishe is featured in Forskardrömmar - Berättelser för nyfikna barn along with 60 other researchers in Sweden.

December 2020

We received generous funding from Åke Wiberg and Magnus Bergvall

November 2020

Aishe is awarded a Tenure-Track position at the Wallenberg Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine (WCMTM)

November 2020

Iwona Nowak joins the lab as a postdoc 

September 2020

Scientific exchange together with Ka-Wei Tang's lab at the WCMTM

May 2020

Carola Fernandez (postdoc) and Ulrika Alexandersson (lab manager) joins the lab

January 2020

The lab is awarded project funding from the Swedish Medical Society (SLS)

January 2020

Vivian Lobo joins the lab as a postdoc

January 2020

The Sarshad Lab launched

October 2019

The lab receives establishment grant from VR 

September 2019

The lab receives establishment grant from SSMF (store anslag)

March 2019

Aishe receives the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Prize Sweden together with

Eleni Stravrinidou (Lindköping University).


The lab is awarded very generous project fundings from AG-foundation, Åke Wiberg, Magnus Bergvall, Jeansson foundation, Gunvor and Josef Anérs foundation, Ollie and Elof Ericsson foundation, Carl Trygger foundation and Emil and Vera Cornell foundation.


Aishe is reward the Sahlgrenska International starting grant and project grants from Olle Engkvist byggmästare, AG-Fonden, Åke Wiberg and Magnus Bergvall

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